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The Collection designed by Piet Boon is available in brushed stainless steel, Gunmetal Black and Raw Copper exclusive finishings. DISCOVER OUR PIET BOON COLLECTION. COCOON recently fitted the new bathrooms of the ICE HOTEL in Sweden with the latest collection of exclusive taps and showers designed by Piet Boon.
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In Italy near the idyllic Lago Maggiore, true craftsmen shape our taps and showers from noble stainless steel by hand and machine. New ideas from our designers offer a fresh look on tried and tested artisanal skills to make unique products according to traditional production values. In the same area the stonemasons from which their grandfathers were responsible for building the Dome in Milan, now use the latest cutting edge technology on locally sourced marble, natural stone and modern sustainable materials like Silestone to produce the Cocoon wash basins.
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Pinterest werkt niet tenzij je JavaScript inschakelt. Dutch Designer brand COCOON develops sustainable bathroom taps, basins and baths for prestigious projects around the globe. Bathroom design byCOCOON.com. Piet Boon taps basins by COCOON. Outdoor Bathrooms byCOCOON.com. Inox taps byCOCOON.com. Ibiza Villa Design byCOCOON.com.
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Ibiza villa project by Studio COCOON part 1 Natural materials combined with stainless steel and RAW Copper bathroom taps designed by Piet Boon, available via www.bycocoon.com. Piet Boon by COCOON Gunmetal Black Stainless Steel Taps. by COCOON heeft 4 nieuwe foto's' toegevoegd.
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Taps Basins by Cocoon Unconventional intuition. Studio Piet Boon and Cocoon share the same passion for craftsmanship, timeless design and natural materials that beautify with age. This mutual passion is captured in our exclusive designer collection of contemporary taps basins: Piet Boon by Cocoon.
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